Emily Stern

"You write unusual and beautiful poetry......... "unusual" meaning highly distinctive and individual........and very connected to your spiritual and emotional life..... " 
"your poetry has divinity as source and you as weaver

and you know each other so well

one might even think you were secretly each other"

In love with all things, Emily Stern is a teacher, peaceworker, and healer whose artistic expressions are fueling a forum of ongoing discussions, and a deepening exploration of divinity. Ancient teachings, new age thought, age-old mystical awakenings, and symbolic sight all come into play in her work as performing artist.  
 Her album, Birth Day can be downloaded from CDbaby or Itunes, 
     Lyrics and hard copy information are available on this website. 
poetry since 2009 at www.jewishjournal.com/emily_stern
Emily has a children's book, and two books of poetry looking for publication.