Emily Stern

"You write unusual and beautiful poetry. 'Unusual' meaning highly distinctive and individual... and very connected to your spiritual and emotional life. " 
"your poetry has divinity as source and you as weaver

and you know each other so well

one might even think you were secretly each other"

In love with all things, Emily Stern is a peace worker and healer who longs to see a world of camaraderie and peace. She graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. Eager to follow whatever form her work dictates, her artistic offerings include plays, a novel, acting, music, and poetry.  She recently directed young people in a performance of her songbook for children. Emily receives inspiration from Torah, and the content she shares is usually carrying a spark of ancient mystical teachings, new age practice, and spiritual symbolism.  She is also a spiritual activist, advocating particularly for the implementation of Water Retention Landscaping, which offers an approach of water regeneration for the planet. She wrote and performed plays while she was at Drisha for the Arts Fellowship, as well as when studying at Nishmat, The Jeneane Shottenstein Center of Advanced Torah Study for Women.
 Her album, Birth Day can be downloaded from CDbaby or Itunes, 
     information about Lyrics and hard copies are available on this website. 
poetry since 2009 at www.jewishjournal.com/emily_stern




Photo by Ashley Jade Stern

Paintings by Emily Stern