Many of these songs came from poems that Emily set to melodies. The lyrics are radically loving. The climax of "The Fly & The Flea" says, "The thing about love is, the whole world is buzzing and humming incessantly!"   After exploration with a band, Emily came to realize the natural world was the only thing wild enough to come close to where these songs were born in her.

     So, Emily orchestrated her music by gathering sounds from cicadas, birds, and rain storms, Everything is  subtly and specifically chosen. This is what makes Birth Day as delicately intricate as it is deep.  She recorded cacophonies of prayers and the streets of Amsterdam Avenue on Saturday night in New York City.  One track, Lovesong to Demeter, about the mythic mother/daughter relationship as Persephone becomes her own woman, has a live childbirth as instrumentation.  

 "Nothing like it has been seen on this planet for eons."       -Tori Quisling, The Clairvoyant Practitioner.  


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