By Emily Stern

Words based on Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

“Love and God”, 1965 SRM Publications, Oslo, Norway (

Candle lighting meditation by Zelda p 3, Siddur Kol Haneshamah

From the window of my heart

The light of Thine alter Shines,

It spreads all around,

Illuminates the earth and the sky,

The Glory that Shines (x2)

Lehadlik neirot, b'chol ha'olomot

Zothi Shabbat

Lehadlik neirot Shabbat

Lehadlik neirot Shabbat

From the window of my heart

the light of Thine alter comes

Brightening the sun and moon

Blessing man and angels too

The Glory that Shines (3x)